"Do as much good as you can. for as long as you can"

- various

About Us


Is the healthcare system working?

In the US, we spend so much on healthcare and so many people work there.  So, why would so many patients and families say that it's not working for them?

Healthcare incentive and resources

We assume everyone is doing the best they can to meet their healthcare goals with what they have.  This includes doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, families, and other app developers.  Everyone is trying to meet their objectives with the time, money, and expertise that they have. And everyone is trying very hard.

The problem is that patients (i.e. everyday people and families) have the least amount of time, money, and expertise with how the system works.  But they are the ones that have the outcomes and stories that measure the system.

Platform as a solution

While we would love to solve everyone's problem, the diversity of problems and backgrounds make that impossible.  What we are doing is building a system for you (i.e. everyday consumers and families) to take control and get organized.  By providing the technology and core pieces, we are empowering you to use it in your own way to do what works for you.

So, what is it?

Similar to financial credit monitoring services, we call this a healthcare monitoring service.  For consumers to monitor their own records and become more empowered in their healthcare.

During the onboarding process, you enter information and give us permission to reach out to your care team to bring all your information into our secure platform for you.  This team includes your doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies.  Once you're in the system, we will work to get your records (it may take some time based on your doctor's office systems) while you can add your own information to make it more complete.  The idea is to have one place for you to go to get all of your healthcare information. We are always working to add more features, and we will include as many features in that one annual subscription so everyone gets the same great service as it improves.

What makes us unique?

In the US, everyone is entitled to their medical records. That doesn't mean it's easy to do, especially with everything else you have going on in your life. There is a fee for this service, but we keep it as low as possible, to enable us to provide the service and enhance it with new features that can help you in your healthcare journey. As for expertise, we came from the health insurance world.  We have a unique perspective on what's especially challenging and, through Blue Laurel, we are focusing on those biggest issues head on.

From our Founder

As my kids grow up, I am constantly reminded to be grateful for the good fortune I have.  Grateful because there are so many factors outside of our control - factors that change life in an instant.  For now, I have the opportunity to 'do good' (from the quote above) and improve the system for others. I am grateful for that opportunity and Blue Laurel is our platform for doing just that.