Introducing ... your kids


What's new?

On November 3, we pushed out an important release that we've been working on from the very beginning. Blue Laurel subscribers can now add children to their accounts to organize the whole family's medical records.

We are very excited to offer this functionality as we realize how frustrating it can be to track all the separate portals for records. Now, you can just add kids to your account, search for their doctors, and click a button to get Blue Laurel to request a copy of their records. When we get them, we make them available in your Blue Laurel account - right next to the other family members.

Details of adding minors to your subscription

  1. The annual subscription for minors is $29/child. Adult subscriptions remain at $49/year.
  2. You can add a child to your account midway through the adult's subscription year on the dashboard page of your account.  In that first year, the $29/child is prorated by the number of months remaining until your next Blue Laurel anniversary date.
  3. For legal purposes, we still require exactly one adult on each account. Even if you may think your spouse is a child sometimes :), they would need to set up a separate $49/year account.
  4. As always, you can delete your account (or a child's account) at any time, which would turn off the next payment on your anniversary date. We do not provide refunds if you delete your account mid year.
  5. When you add minor, you must select one of these relationships to you, the adult. This is for HIPAA reasons - i.e. when your doctor's office gets the request for a minor and needs to be sure your signature is sufficient to request records.
  • Parent of minor

  • Court appointed guardian

  • Power of Attorney

  • Other (need to specify, which is shown to provider)

Continued support

To the Blue Laurel team, thanks for the great work to push out this huge enhancement!

For users, as always, let us know your feedback through the support button in the web application.

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash