Introducing the Blue Laurel blog


While we are publishing this in our beta release, we have a clear vision for the next steps of Blue Laurel. Core to our mission, now and in the future, will be empowering patients.  Our primary technology is the subscription based Healthcare Monitoring Service, but that's not enough to accomplish our complete goal. Ongoing communication and engagement is critical - that's where this blog (and other social media channels) comes in.

We don't know know everything either.  But as we've thought about the issues and the role eduction can play, we've decided to structure our blog posts in the following categories.  These are broad enough to capture future changes to our business and precise enough to guide our future discussions on the key drivers in healthcare.

Here are the areas on which we plan to focus for our blog content:

  1. Patient Care. As we grow and evolve, it is important for us to maintain our focus on the consumer, patients, and caregivers who make this all possible. 
  2. Interoperability. This is the term for how different systems do (or don't) talk to each other with regard to data. In healthcare, this is an especially difficult issue as we must navigate regulations, standards, and legacy workflows.  Posts in this category highlight our work to ensure our solutions are helping out the community in healthcare.
  3. Analytics. At an aggregated level, we feel it's our responsibility to identify trends and patterns in the data. Any observations for the public consumption would be at a high level that could not identify individual consumers. 
  4. Security. Healthcare records are among the most sensitive types of data and information. Maintaining security in all of our technology is critically important to maintaining trust.
  5. Product Design. It's difficult to make something simple. Structuring the interface and patient experience within our application is something we are always improving. We appreciate good design in all forms and our posts here will share what we're up to.
  6. Insurance. This is a critical area of healthcare, but one of the least understood.  We will chip away at this uncertainty and explain how this works in a fact based objective manner. 
  7. Workplace culture. Blue Laurel wouldn't exist if it weren't for the great work of a diverse group of professionals. 

Next Steps

If you haven't already done so, take the first step and sign up for the monitoring service so that we can help get you organized. After that, engage with us on social media and through comments on the posts here. If you have a question or comment, thousands of others have that same comment, so please share.