Blue Laurel adds Premium Subscription (and continues Free tier).

Healthcare is personal. Whether you're healthy, managing a chronic condition, a caregiver, or a mix of everything, each of us has unique healthcare needs. We had that in mind when we first built Blue Laurel's Personal Health Record service - including patient portal integration, Medicare Blue Button claims, faxed records, and patient notes. And we will keep this in mind as we build out new functionality.

Today, we're proud to announce our latest product enhancements and a Free / Premium subscription model that enables you to pick the plan that works the best for you. Below, you can read more about our updates and click on the product grid below to enroll in our Free tier. You can upgrade to Premium within the application when you're ready.

New features

Coupons for Premium service

As with other Premium services, we intend to offer coupon codes from time to time - like today! Enter code "LAUNCH_1809" to enjoy 7 days of Premium service for free (limited time only).

We're also introducing a coupon store where you can buy coupons (1-month or 1-year) for others to use. After your purchase, we will send you a unique coupon code that can be emailed for someone else to upgrade their account. This is a great way to support someone else in their healthcare journey.

We believe in connecting the whole care team. For health plans and providers, coupons are a great way to support members/patients to live healthy lives. Contact us for more information on custom bulk coupons.

Documents  (Free and Premium)

We've had patient portals integrated for several months now, just like you may have on your phone through other apps. While most of those integrations use common areas of your record (e.g. allergies, immunizations, results, etc…) there are other parts of your record that aren't included. Well now, we're now bringing in more comprehensive documents from your portal, which contain other areas (e.g. family history, social history, and clinical notes in some instances). We are aligned with other initiatives aimed at enabling patients to view their doctor's clinical notes, and this is a powerful next step.

Insurance (Enhanced Premium service)

Since earlier this year, we have offered insurance eligibility checks with monthly updates. This is a way to check where you are in your deductible and out of pocket spending. As of this update, our Premium tier will now offer daily updates. This can be important for individuals who have frequent medical and Rx claims and need to know updated claim accumulators throughout the month. Free tier still offers monthly updates.

Bug fixes

We've also made several updates behind the scenes, to reduce bugs and improve efficiency of the system.

We believe everyone should have robust access to their health records and these tools. So, with this initial rollout of subscription tiers, we are intentionally including as much as possible in Free tier. In the upcoming releases, we expect to add many more features to the Premium tier.

We are very excited to offer these important updates. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

 Thanks and have a nice day,



John Caruso

Founder & CEO

Blue Laurel