Feature Spotlight: Health Notes


Short version

  • Keep track of text based notes on anything you want

Long version

Healthcare has a lot of standards and metrics for you to compare certain levels and tests over time. While Blue Laurel can track those things for you, we realize that sometimes you want to keep track of other important things that may not fit into another feature.  That other stuff is important, and that's why we created Health Notes.

Just click into the health notes section at the top and start typing. It's saved as you go. You can add notes as well, to keep track of different things.


To give you some ideas, here's what we have found helpful tracking for ourselves

  • Agenda for upcoming appointment
  • Research on different treatment plans for your chronic condition
  • Food journal for that new food sensitivity
  • Running journal to stay on track

Next Steps

Healthcare means different things to different people. We hope this feature can catch all that other stuff that's important to you in your healthcare journey.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash