The Top 3 Benefits of Having Your Medical Records


At Blue Laurel, our goal is to empower all US consumers with their medical records. While we build out new features (e.g. connecting 80% of patient portals and integrating over 500 health insurance plans), we're also listening to our customers about what you need and why.

What we often hear is

Why do I need this? 

With that in mind, here are the top benefits that our users see from having a complete and longitudinal personal health record. Set up is quick and free -- and we'll update the information behind the scenes once you're all set up.

1. Save time

Have you tried to get your medical records in the past? The reality is that most people don't think of it until they have to - when you switch doctors, first act as a caregiver, or when you become sick yourself. In addition to time, this is usually a stressful scenario and it's best to be prepared in advance. You can sign up with Blue Laurel in less than 15 minutes and that will save you time if / when you need the records later.

2. Be prepared

Have any of these situations happened to you?

  • You fill out the same intake for at your doctor's office multiple times - and still forget your last immunization dates.
  • Your doctor can't give you informed guidance because she doesn't have the lab results from your other doctor.
  • Your doctor's system doesn't have the accurate list of medications for you or your loved one.
  • You don't know how much of your insurance deductible has been spent this year.

By taking the time to bring together this information in advance (and we can do it for you), you can be better prepared for your next doctor's visit.

3. Get informed

Your doctor is doing the best she can with the information she has. We believe that you should be active in your healthcare - and that starts with seeing the same data that your doctor sees. While you don't have the same objective clinical background, you know your symptoms better than anyone. Being an informed and empowered patient starts with your healthcare information.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here's a recent federal initiative aimed at helping you get back control of your data.

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