What is Blue Laurel offering?

What we are offering is a service that enables users to connect various kinds of healthcare data. This includes connecting to your existing patient portal, retrieving medical records via fax, and connecting to your health insurance carrier to display your summarized eligibility information. Our offering also has features designed to help you organize your health appointments, notes, and health goals.

How are my records retrieved?

It depends on the healthcare provider. When you sign up for an account, you list the doctors you have seen in the past. We tell you which of those have an integrated patient portal connection and which still rely on faxing of medical records. 

For the patient portals, you enter your username / password and we establish a connection. We then look for new data each night so that your account is always up to date.

For faxed records, you control when a fax request goes out (e.g. after you had a new office visit). Once the fax comes back, it is shown in your account. The faxes we receive are never stored as paper anywhere.

I am a healthcare provider and received a fax from Blue Laurel, what do I do?

The fax package includes the patient signed HIPAA authorization for your records. When you send the return fax with medical records, make sure to include the response cover page that we send over to you. That will enable us to route that fax back to the correct patient on the Blue Laurel side.

If you have additional questions, please email us.

So, will I get my records immediately?

It depends on the format. Once you add your doctors, we can immediately check if there is a patient portal to be connected - if so, it's a matter of minutes for the data to come in.

If your doctor does not have a portal connected, we can request records via fax. Our system sends out the fax immediately, and there is no delay displaying it once received, but the doctor's office could take additional time to review before replying.

I need my records right now, can you help?

Yes, for some of your records where there is a patient portal involved.

As seen in the prior question, your doctor's office may take time to respond to fax requests. This is for good reason - doctors' offices need to make sure the appropriate paperwork and authorizations are in place before sending along your medical records.

How is Blue Laurel allowed to do this?

Under HIPAA, no one else can access your records unless you grant them access - usually through a doctor / patient relationship or an insurance contract. At the doctor's office, there are usually several forms you are asking to sign, and one of them is likely a HIPAA release. This form authorizes their office to work with other providers, or your insurance company, in coordination of your care.

When you sign up for a Blue Laurel account, we ask that you sign a similar HIPAA authorization to enable us to work for you.

Who can see my data?

Blue Laurel's goal is to empower patients with their own records to help connect the healthcare system and improve health outcomes. We do this by aggregating your data for you, the patient, and sharing within your care team.

As we outline in our Privacy Policy, Blue Laurel works with your healthcare providers and health insurer that you select in the signup process. In order for them to do their work (e.g. clinical judgement, claims payment, etc...) these other members of your care team may need access to your records, and Blue Laurel may provide them records for that purpose.

In order for Blue Laurel to provide a valuable service, we enable the minimum necessary number of Blue Laurel associates to view data. This is to ensure that new features are displaying the data appropriately for you. We use test data as much as possible to minimize viewing production data.

Got it. I'd like to sign up. Where do I start?

Click here to sign up and we'll walk you through the steps along the way.

How do I ask another question that isn't listed here?

You can always email us or use the help feature within the website application after you've signed up.