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Simplifying Healthcare Together

How we work with health insurers

Who we are

We are a healthcare technology company, founded by an ex-health insurance leader frustrated by other solutions. 

What we are doing

  • Connecting healthcare ecosystem for patient, provider, and insurers. We believe that consumer driven interoperability can benefit all healthcare constituents.

How it can help insurers

  1. Engage with your members in new ways
  2. Enhance Analytical capabilities
  3. Increase Risk Adjusted Revenue
  4. Improve Quality Metrics
  5. Bolster Care Management activities

How it works

  1. A new user signs up for Blue Laurel's Personal Health Record service
  2. Blue Laurel builds holistic, longitudinal medical record, including:
    • Medical records from user's doctors (including patient portals and faxes)
    • Prior Medical and Rx claim data from Original Medicare enrollment
    • Insurance deductible / OOP spend levels
    • Patient-generated notes
  3. Blue Laurel shares the data with user's care team (including their chosen healthcare providers and health insurer)

Show me more

This video shows how a Medicare member would link their historical Parts A, B, and D claims into Blue Laurel. Note that this video shows demo data.

This YouTube channel highlights various videos to help user sign up for the Blue Laurel service.

Since the service is free to use, we encourage you to sign up for yourself and see the experience as your members would.

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