We are seeking a marketing partner…

Who we are

Blue Laurel is a healthcare technology company serving the US only. We were founded in 2016 and currently offer a freemium Personal Health Record (PHR) service that aggregates medical records and health data for consumers - more info here. We have plans to offer Enterprise services to health insurance plans and healthcare providers in the future.

The leadership team has experience in health insurance, analytics, and software development … but not marketing. That’s where you come in…

What we need

We are looking for a marketing partner who can help us grow our PHR subscribers (both free and Premium tiers). We have focused on Google search ads so far (which is successful at intentionally low volumes), and would like to expand into other digital distribution channels.

We’re looking to keep fixed expenses low and would prefer to use a commission based model or paying as a % of the revenue from Premium tier signups. Feel free to suggest other models that you have used successfully in the past.

What we don’t need

This is a list of things we DON’T need. If we have a successful relationship, we may need them later on. Please understand that we are looking to prove out incremental growth strategies and find the right partner without a large upfront payment - again, we are looking for a commission based model that compensates you fairly for the volume generated.

  • New website

  • New branding

  • Print materials


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Commission based model preferred