What to expect when you sign up

This video shows how to get started quickly with your Blue Laurel account.

1. You will be forwarded to "app.myBlueLaurel.com/signup".

This is also a secure area and it's where the application and data reside.

2. Enter your email address and a strong password.

This would be an existing email address the you have access to. In a later step, we will send a verification email to this account to confirm that it is valid.

3. Sign Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Privacy and security are very important to us. We know it's also important to bring your health data together. Our model currently offers a free service to consumers by working with your healthcare providers and current health insurer - those groups may pay transaction fees to Blue Laurel which enable us to provide this service to you for free.

Since we only work with your current insurer. You always have the option not to link your health insurance information in your account - that way, we would not provide that information to your insurer. Keep in mind, we would not be able to provide your health insurance information back to you in that case.

4. Verify email.

When you complete the prior step, our system will send out an email from "no-reply@mybluelaurel.com". This happens instantly, so check your email spam filter if you don't see it right away.

5. Complete account setup.

We will lead you through various steps to enter your name, address, etc... so that we can provide the full range of medical record retrieval services to you. We always restrict this information to the minimum necessary for your account.

More details can be found here.

6. Use your account.

Once you're done setting up your account, this is the website you will visit to use your account "app.myBlueLaurel.com/signup". There is an embedded help feature in the account - just click the question mark in the top right corner to ask account specific questions.

Please do not include Protected Health Information in your help questions.

Here is a link to even more questions and answers.

When you are ready, click the button below to sign up.